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Join Telmediq at the ANIA Annual Conference in Orlando

Booth #102 
May 11-12, 2018 
Hilton Buena Vista Palace 
Orlando, FL

Nurses need solutions that reduce their workload, not increase it. Improving care coordination and transitions of care have been shown to improve operational efficiencies, clinical outcomes, the patient experience, and nurse job satisfaction. Healthcare CIOs and CNIOs are looking for opportunities to create a collaborative, patient-centric environment using platforms that give nurses ready access to the EMR, the care team, nurse call, and alarms platforms.  

On May 11-12th, we'll be at ANIA 2018 to share why KLAS Research rated us the #1 Category Leader for Secure Communications in their 2018 Best in KLAS report and why Telmediq was named a Representative Provider of Care Team Collaboration by Gartner Research.  

Facilitate Care Team Collaboration

Today's hospitals are looking to support the efficiency of nurses and clinicians to improve care delivery and patient satisfaction. This goal requires a comprehensive IT ecosystem that facilitates the acquisition, analysis and sharing of provider, patient and encounter information. For nurses, this translates to:

  • Visibility into a patient's care team to reach the right physician every time;
  • Group on-call numbers, so you never need to look up on-call physicians;
  • Real time text and voice communication with physicians, with automated escalations so that nurses’ valuable time isn’t spent tracking people down;
  • Elimination of time spent waiting for call-backs;
  • The ability to call into a patient room to address a patient issue without having to walk a long distance;
  • Receipt of time-critical updates from the EMR without going to the workstation;
  • Improved workflow with messaging templates;

We'll be heading to ANIA 2018 on May 11-12th to work with hospitals to develop a 5-year Communication Roadmap that reflects the latest research in informatics and helps drive long-term user adoption through improved collaboration and workflow, reduced technology silos, and better ROI and patient satisfaction in healthcare. 

Meet with Us at ANIA 2018 

Visit our booth and meet with one of our clinical communicationgoogle home mini specialists to gain a greater understanding of potential security breaches, user adoption strategies, and to learn the power of a fully connected clinical communications solution. We will be raffling off a Google Home Mini, so be sure to stop by our booth for your chance to WIN!


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