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31st Annual Conference of Healthcare Call Centers

June 12-14, 2019
Intercontinental Buckhead Atlanta
Atlanta, GA

Join Telmediq at the 31st Annual Conference of Healthcare Call Centers to learn why KLAS rated us the #1 Category Leader for Secure Communications Platforms in their 2019 & 2018 Best in KLAS reports.

We will bring you the best practices and optimized workflows for call center agents, proven to improve response times, manage volumes, and provide more timely care for patients:

  • Improve response times – Integrations with hospital directory, scheduling solutions, patient records, and texting solutions makes it easier for call center staff to access critical information without the need to reference paper-based systems.
  • Connect with the right physician - Integrated schedules and directories allow agents to instantly find and communicate with on-call providers —by name or simply by role, such as “Hospitalist on Call.”
  • Service inbound calls from any location – Agents from any location in the healthcare system can take calls, regardless of the facility they are tied to, with virtual call queues.
  • Improve oversight - Support for two-way communication via secure text or voice with automated escalations helps ensure every message is attended to, with analytics to provide valuable insight on call types and message flow to help improve resource management.

Telmediq is the first company to include hospital call center software capability with a unified communications platform in healthcare using a cloud delivery model.

Meet With us at the Conference of Healthcare Call Centers

Visit booth 2 or schedule a demo to learn what leading hospitals systems are doing to support more effective collaboration through their call center.

Schedule a meeting or book a demo with one of our clinic communications specialists!

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