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HM 2017: Improving Patient Care Through Integrated Communications

Telmediq attended to the Society of Hospital Medicine (SHM) Hospital Medicine 2017 (HM17) gathering on May 1 - May 4 in Las Vegas, NV. We had many great conversations about the challenges of multiple hospitals communicating among hospitalist teams. Our team spent time demonstrating how Telmediq can unify the diverse healthcare systems of large and growing hospitalist groups. Telmediq’s cloud-based messaging console helps hospitals send secure messages out to hospitalists quickly, easily and reliably. No matter where your team is or what systems they use, we can help tie it together.

Collaboration Key to Effective Hospitalist Practice 

Hospitalist groups have been effective in reducing the number of days patients spend in hospitals, improving patient satisfaction and care outcomes but are continually looking for new ways to meet these needs. Delivering on patient-focused care in the hospitalist setting relies on effective collaboration among the care team and ready access to patient data from diverse hospital systems. 

Hospitalists today are focused on improving the patient experience, but ongoing hospital struggles with interoperability mean that many physicians spend more time interacting with hospital systems than with patients. The use of healthcare IT should improve the doctor-patient relationship, not take away from it. 

Effective HIT in the hospitalist setting improves care team co-ordination and collaboration, pulls together disparate and siloed healthcare solutions, and focuses on ways to shift the patient care experience. 

Telmediq at HM17 

Forging a path toward interoperability and patient-centred care is possible for hospitalist groups, despite diverse underlying technology integrations. We gave demos at our booth on how the Telmediq Communication Hub integrates and unifies diverse HIT investments to streamline communications and workflows across multiple hospitals and clinics. 

The Telmediq Healthcare Communication Hub arms hospitalists to:Telmediq-Contacts-72

  • Seamlessly communicate among clinicians or care teams across hospitals or care centres
  • Leverage smart integrations to route and escalate messages among clinicians
  • Receive, respond to and route patient bed calls and alerts
  • Integrate with alarm and vital monitoring systems for handheld patient monitoring, response and routing of support
  • Integrate siloed healthcare systems into a single patient-based platform (EHR, call systems, on-call schedules, LIS, alarm systems and more)
  • Unifies multiple HIT systems across hospitals (for example, if hospitals have different scheduling platforms)
  • Push notifications of lab results and orders
  • Integrated NFC technology to automate patient care tasks and hospital maintenance
  • Simplified documentation to the EMR with smart field mapping to reduce administrative overhead

We believe that more efficient care team co-ordination, patient and family-centric communication support, and effective real-time documentation supports the hospitalist aim to improve the patient experience and improve HCAHPS scores. 

With Telmediq, unified patient-centred care across hospitalist groups is finally a reality. If you missed us at HM17, contact us for an online demo.

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