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Welcome MLH Telmediq Users

Knowing whom to contact

There are a lot of groups in Telmediq. Use the following guides to find the right group to page for a given service, 24/7. Please avoid sending messages to individual names/users, as the coverage schedules are integrated in these groups. You can star your favorites within the application.

What if I am scrubbed in?

Telmediq provides auto-reply features and forwarding to other groups and users. In addition, certain users can receive and reply to your pages utilizing monitoring mode. See below for more information.

Additional learning resources

Learn how to use Telmediq with this 2-minute training video:


This short video demonstrates the installation and initial registration process on iOS devices: 


This video demonstrates the installation and initial registration process on Android devices:



What is Telmediq?


Telmediq is the secure healthcare communications system selected by MLH.

The HIPAA-compliant Telmediq app lets you:

  • Exchange text messages, voice messages, and images with physicians, nurses, and other staff throughout the hospital
  • View and page on-call providers
  • View care teams and patient demographic information at a glance
  • Make outbound calls to patients and external providers through the Telmediq dialer and the caller ID will show the MLH switchboard number instead of your personal number


 Table of contents


Using Telmediq on your phone

  • Install the app using the following buttons, or, open the App Store on your phone and search for "Telmediq" (please carefully note the spelling)

New Call-to-action

New Call-to-action

  • Tap the Telmediq icon on your phone
  • If you have an @mlh.org e-mail address, please use that address to log in.
  • If you do not have an MLH e-mail address, please log in using: <your Cerner login>@methodisthealth.org
    • Note: This is not a real e-mail address; it is only used for logging in to Telmediq
  • Enter your network (Cerner) password
  • You will be prompted to enable biometric security (Touch ID)
  • Choose your own 4-digit PIN
  • Confirm your 4-digit PIN
  • Please select "Allow" if the app requests push notifications to be enabled (otherwise you will not receive alerts)


Using Telmediq on a computer

  • Access the web app by navigating to https://mlh.app.telmediq.com in a web browser.
  • Soon to come. The Telmediq desktop app will be installed on MLH desktops and laptops. On these PCs, either double-click the Telmediq icon on the desktop, or press the Windows key and start typing "Telmediq":


  • Login credentials for the desktop app and website:
    • Username:  Your MLH Cerner login  (e.g., jd123456r or sm123456a)
    • Password:  Your MLH Cerner password

Watch this short training video to learn how to use the desktop and web app:


For nurses: How to manage patient care team assignments

Please watch the following video for an overview of managing patient care team assignments using the web console or desktop app: 



This video explains how to manage patient care team assignments using the mobile app:




For schedulers: How to manage schedules in Telmediq

Please view the following video for an introduction to managing schedules in Telmediq:



How to contact support

  • Notify the IS helpdesk at (901) 516-0000
  • Notify the MLH physician helpdesk at (901) 516-3111
  • If directed by the MLH helpdesk, you can call Telmediq’s 24/7 support line at 1-888-364-9305 (select option 2)
    • Regular business hours are 8:00 am - 7:00pm CST, Monday to Friday.
    • For urgent callback support after-hours, call 1-888-364-9305 and select option 3.
  • For non-urgent matters, please e-mail us at support@telmediq.com.
  • In the mobile app, you can also contact Telmediq support by pressing the Profile icon in the top left corner, and then pressing "Settings" and "Info".
  • Click here to submit support requests and access a variety of videos, FAQs, and other resources online:

Telmediq Help Online Center