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AONE 2017 Insights from Telmediq

Ben-Moore-Telmediq-Booth-AONETelmediq headed to AONE 2017 last week to demonstrate the effectiveness of our clinical communication and collaboration (CC&C) software in improving nurse workflows and efficiencies. We had many insightful conversations with CNOs and nurse practitioners who have felt more and more of their time shifting away from direct care into tertiary activities such as care co-ordination, documentation and repetitive tasks. Many explained how adding in new technologies meant to improve patient care simply add more complexity to the performance of routine tasks. 

AONE Insight: HIT Fatigue

In healthcare, you hear a lot about alarm fatigue. At AONE, we talked with nurses about health information technology (HIT) fatigue. There are simply too many systems and too many processes to deal with. We talk a lot about even the simplicity of a nurse contacting a doctor. This one task often requires nurses to return to the workstation, check the patient record in the EMR, look up the on-call schedule, then page a doctor. There is then a delay before a call is returned, hoping the nurse is still there, or the nurse must manually repeat the process to escalate to another physician. Talk about inefficient. 

At AONE, we demonstrated a different reality. One that looked like this... Telmediq-Communications-Hub.png

The Telmediq Healthcare Communication Hub offers nurses a single interface to connect with multiple hospital systems, simplifying complex workflows through smart field mapping and data pulls. Need to contact a doctor? Look up the on-call physician directly from the patient file then page, message or call instantly, right from your smartphone. Don’t hear back? We’ll auto-escalate that message for you. 

Of course, improving nurse workflow is not just about communication. We demonstrated how smart integrations can:

  • Reduce alarm fatigue by putting alarms in context
  • Improve nurse call response times and patient satisfaction with smartphone integration of nurse call buttons, with the ability to re-route or remotely respond directly to patient requests
  • Receive time-critical updates from the EMR including lab and imaging system results as soon as they become available
  • Automate patient care tasks and hospital maintenance with our newly-launched NFC technology integration

The Healthcare Communication Hub is the first CC&C solution to integrate so many disparate healthcare solutions under one single interface while offering the added benefit of integrated NFC “tap” technology.

Using Communication Technology to Improve Nurse Efficiency and Patient Care: AONE Session

Ben-Moore-Speaking-AONEOn Friday, Telmediq’s CEO Ben Moore drew a packed crowd to talk about Using Communication Technology to Improve Nurse Efficiency and Patient Care. In this event, Ben talked about how you can use CC&C technology to extend the utility of existing HIT investments, such as EHRs and scheduling systems, while additionally improving the operational efficiency and quality of care. 

If you missed the presentation, Contact Us to set up an online demonstration.

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