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Telmediq Recognized as Finalist in 2019 VIATEC Technology Awards

Telmediq is pleased to announce that we have been selected as a finalist for Innovative Excellence in the 2019 VIATEC Technology Awards. Telmediq is a..

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Reduce Staffing Costs Associated with Patient Communication

As we shift to a value-based care model, healthcare providers are looking for ways to improve quality outcomes while reducing costs. Proactively engaging..

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3 Ways Patient Text Messaging Drives Operational Efficiencies in Healthcare

As healthcare continues the shift from volume to value, healthcare providers are expected to deliver a higher level of patient care with fewer..

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5 Ways Texting Can Help Manage Chronic Conditions

Because chronic conditions such as diabetes and asthma have no known cure, a lifetime of management is necessary to ensure patients get the most out of..

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Get Critical Staff Messages Through to Clinicians

With a flood of emails in providers’ inboxes, many critical staff notifications get missed. Telmediq’s #1 rated KLAS secure messaging solution offers an..

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