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Telmediq Receives Cisco’s DevNet Fast Lane Certification to Prioritize Voice and Texting

SEATTLE, WA. -- Telmediq, the #1 KLAS rated vendor for secure communication platforms in healthcare, is Cisco DevNet Fast Lane Certified to ensure critical communications are prioritized within hospital environments. The Fast Lane certification provides business critical iOS applications a higher wireless quality of service within the Cisco network environment.

With over 13,257 hospitals and clinics on Cisco infrastructure, and the increased use of iPhones, the Fast Lane enterprise certification ensures high priority messages, voice calls and video traffic from the Telmediq platform are prioritized over other Wi-Fi demands like web browsing and other mobile applications being used in the network.

Telmediq’s iOS users will notice improved audio and video quality, for example the average packet interval drops from 40ms to 20ms. Fast Lane leverages 802.11r fast roaming to allow continuous connectivity for iOS devices in motion and between access points, leading to less frequent dropped calls.

“We understand the challenges of managing hospital networks,” notes Telmediq CEO Ben Moore. “The FastLane certification reduces the configuration burden of ensuring the right applications are operating most efficiently.”

Applications that are Fast Lane enabled are rigorously tested by both Cisco and Apple to ensure that critical and non-critical messages are differentiated and that the application meets strict performance standards. Telmediq’s iOS application has been validated by Cisco as accurately tagged for QoS – meaning that it can be optimized for Wi-Fi and prioritized for Cisco Wi-Fi networks.

“Every minute counts towards improved care delivery.  We are continually looking for ways to support providers’ needs to get time sensitive messages and calls delivered in the most time effective and high quality manner,” says Ben Moore.

About Telmediq
Telmediq is the #1 KLAS rated vendor for secure communication platforms for large hospital systems, acute-care and ambulatory facilities. Telmediq unifies communication by integrating 20+ clinical systems (EHR, schedules, call center, alarms, nurse call) to improve workflow and connect care team members.

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