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Connect with Telmediq at the CHIME CIO 2016 Forum & AMDIS' Fall Symposium

Join Telmediq's executive team in Phoenix at this week at CHIME's fall 2016 CIO forum and AMDIS' Fall Symposium. CHIME's event brings healthcare IT executives together to discuss emerging industry issues and to obtain best practices in their fields. Contact us if you would like to arrange a 1-1 meeting at either event.

Telmediq's Focus Group: Communications Tools to Improve Clinical Performance and Patient Safety Thursday, Nov 3, 3:30pm-5:00pm

We are hosting a focus group Thursday at 3:30 to learn from senior executives what their ongoing and future needs are for clinical communications. HIPAA compliance has driven the rapid adoption of secure texting tools in healthcare. As vendor capabilities evolve, many opportunities for improved communication beyond basic texting are now possible. This focus group addresses the integration capabilities and features that are most important to stakeholders. Experiences with the deployment, support and measurement improved clinical efficiency will be shared.

Topics Include:

  • Do secure texting applications improve clinical workflow?
  • Are voice calls and messages in your mobile strategy?
  • Have texting apps lead to more physician disruption?
  • Has your organization adopted a BYOD strategy?
  • Have you measured the improvements in clinical efficiency, patient care and safety?
  • Are there specific integrations, such as EMR, being requested by your users?
  • Are there any product capabilities missing from the current solutions on the market?
  • Issues with adoption, and how they have been addressed


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