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Telmediq Welcomes Former EMT, John Janis

John-Janis-EMT-Telmediq-Clinical-Product-ConsultantJohn Janis began his career in emergency medicine after finishing his business degree from Writtle College in England. Working as an Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) provided John valuable first-hand experience of the healthcare sector, which he used across several EMS services and later in his work as a firefighter. For John, helping people has always been the driving force behind his career, including the switch to technology supporting care team members.

“Although working with patients is very satisfying, time and time again I’ve returned to the technology side to support the work care givers are doing. I’ve previously worked in healthcare technology and population health, helping find and solve the gaps in care,” notes John. “I want to help doctors, nurses, and EMTs get back to what they love, treating patients.”

In his career, John has seen both sides of the healthcare experience, helping patients as an EMT and firefighter, and also helping to address the challenges with healthcare administration, technology, and management. As an EMT, John felt disconnected from the care team, often struggling to get patient information from nursing facilities, or collect and transcribe information from the patient into the onboard computer. The EMTs maintained their own computer system, an “EMR lite,” John joked, that would then be handed off at the time of patient transfer.

“Information only flows one way for EMTs: we shared whatever information we gathered at the time of transfer, which would then be put into the hospital’s EMR by a nurse, PCT, or admin. After that, we never heard back about what happened to our patients.”

The lack of integration between systems used by EMTs, hospitals and outpatient clinics means that a lot of time is spent trying to access or input patient information between siloed systems. There was always a fear that the patient's history would be incorrect, particularly for elderly patients or recently discharged patients who are returning to the hospital with a complication.

John came to Telmediq wanting to improve communication of patient information and status details among an extended care team, which can include physicians in and out of the hospital, as well as EMTs and other non-physician providers.

“I’m looking forward to helping bridge the gap in communication. I'd like to see providers, nurses and other care team members have a single view of a patient and communicate seamlessly.”

John will be working closely with Telmediq as a Clinical Product Consultant, providing a valuable viewpoint on the future of integrated clinical communication & collaboration.

Welcome, John!

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