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Give Control to Providers with User Based Routing

One of the most common reasons secure text messaging applications fail is because providers don’t have the feature most critical to their satisfaction: the ability to control who can contact them, when, and how.

Telmediq’s new user-based routing gives providers the ultimate level of control over their own messaging preferences as they can set up individualized policies for:
  • Dates and times: forward, silence or auto respond based on specific dates or times of day
  • Communication preference: push to page, text, or voice for specific message types or date/time preferences
  • Message types: set preferences based on the message type such as a new admissions to the “admission on-call group”
  • Specific senders: differentiated alerts for specific individuals, working groups, locations or on call groups

These custom settings allow users to control how colleagues connect with them (voice, text, page), if an escalation rule kicks in or the sender receives an auto response. Regardless of the setting, users retain full message history to ensure the correct policy was applied.

If you'd like to see how user based rules can be used with Telmediq's solution, watch our short video or connect with a communications specialist to learn more.


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