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Hennepin County Medical Center Leverages Telmediq Solutions to Deliver Efficient, Patient-Centered Care

With a 472-bed hospital and over 50 primary care clinics distributed throughout the Minneapolis, Hennepin County Medical Center (HCMC) depends on their communication network to assure patient satisfaction and safety. As Minnesota’s premier level 1 trauma center, HCMC processes over 21,000 discharges annually. Within such a large system, timely and efficient care co-ordination can be felt not only in time and cost savings, but in improvements to patient care. 

“The ability for providers to communicate about a patient in a secure manner has had huge improvements for delivery of care,” notes Matthew Werder, Chief Technology Officer at HCMC. “Patients have seen the ability for us to move them through the care process more efficiently and timely”

In our case study, we share how Hennepin County Medical Center transitioned from pagers to secure two-way messaging with Telmediq, a move that created efficiencies among the entire care team, particularly in the event of urgent care or widespread emergency situations. With the use of structured messaging and communications workflow automation, large trauma teams can be mobilized instantly, helping HCMC better respond to emergent situations. 

“We’ve always been challenged by communication. We spend an incredible amount of time trying to get ahold of people, whether it be waiting for pages or trying to call clinics; the traditional paging system was always a 1-way communication system and it was fairly inefficient,” notes Prateek Sagal, MD. “Being able to electronically communicate with people, and have verification that they received the message, is unbelievable. That saves a tremendous amount of time and effort on both ends.”

Hennepin has deployed Telmediq services to over 1,500 users and providers at HCMC with plans to continue deployment to its nearly 7,000 employees.

“I don’t think Telmediq has any limitations in terms of how far we scale it.” - Matthew Werder, Chief Technology Officer at HCMC

With the Telmediq Healthcare Communications Platform, you can realize the same successes as Hennepin in deploying secure, two-way communications while also taking advantage of intelligent integrations with alarm systems, lab systems, EHR, nurse call systems and more. The only messaging platform you should consider is an integrated one. Learn how integrations streamline communication while improving patient care for healthcare organizations here.

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