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HIMSS17 Insights from Telmediq: Interoperability, Workflow, Patient-Centered Care

Telmediq’s newly-launched NFC technology integration has been on demonstration this week at HIMSS17, wrapping up today in Orlando. It’s been a whirlwind of a week and we have had in-depth discussions with many people about the future of healthcare communications. It has been so great to re-connect with our many partners and clients, plus we have had a chance to offer an interactive demo of our new NFC Tap integration, the benefits of which truly hit home when you see it in action.

HIMSS17 Demonstrates Growing Need for Interoperability

The conversations at HIMSS this week, and the conversations we’ve participated in on social media, all speak to the growing pressures and opportunities of interoperability, security, and patient-centered care. It became very clear through our interactive demos and in our conversations that our integrated Healthcare Communications Hub, and our newly-launched NFC workflow automations, were ticking off all the boxes.

We talked a lot about how healthcare organizations struggle to realize the benefits of existing HIT investments, whether that’s EHRs or call systems or existing communications platforms. Lack of usability, lack of interoperability, and lack of oversight all result in a failure to achieve “meaningful use” of these investments.


We demonstrated how our Communications Hub not only ties these siloed HIT investments together, it does so while adding value. Whether it’s contacting the on-call care team from a patient record with a single click, knowing that message will route appropriately, or having lab results push to the care team, with receipt of delivery documented to the EHR automatically, we’ve demonstrated that interoperability is just the first step. You don’t just want your systems to be able to talk to each other, you want them to work together to create more value. You want such a collaboration of systems to improve workflows, provide greater clinical insight, and ultimately improve patient care. 

On Monday, Telmediq’s CEO Ben Moore drew a standing-room-only crowd to speak about the Future of Healthcare Communications. In his presentation, Ben spoke about the untapped potential of smartphone devices, the challenges of technology silos, what the top priorities are for interoperability / integration, and the important role nurses play in realizing a patient-centered care environment. The presentation also took a patient-level look at the integration of new IoT devices in the hospital, which (in addition to security concerns) presents a pressing need to address the issue of alarm fatigue facing today’s nurses. 


If you missed the presentation, stay tuned for an upcoming webinar announcement or Contact Us to set up an online demonstration.

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