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Telmediq Mobility Strategy Simplifies Device Sharing for Nurses

Telmediq NFC Tap Simplifies Login and Task Management on Hospital-Owned Devices

NFC-Tap-Nurse-MobilityTelmediq, the #1 KLAS rated vendor for secure communication platforms in healthcare, today unveils near-field communication (NFC) technology for simplified user access and task management for shared devices. Telmediq’s nurse mobility strategy supports shared hospital-owned devices giving nurses the ability to “badge in,” effectively log-off shift, and automate non-clinical tasks.

“There is no question that providing nurses with smartphones improves patient outcomes, but many hospitals have questions about the logistics in deploying hospital-owned devices,” notes Ben Moore, CEO & Founder of Telmediq.

Telmediq’s mobile device authentication protocol leverages NFC for shift workers like nurses, to provide tap-based secure access to hospital-owned mobile devices and automatic login to the Telmediq platform. Users can leverage their existing corporate key / single sign on (SSO) badges to tap into a shared device and the system supports controlled log out at the end of a shift.

“Our adoption of Telmediq has been user driven. Our people really like the system. When we first purchased it, we only rolled it out to a few departments. Soon, our other departments were begging to use the product. Adoption has not been a problem for us; Telmediq makes our clinical communications so much better. Our adoption rates are high among both our physicians and our nurses.” - CIO*

For task management, Telmediq uses patented technology to automate non-clinical tasks. For example, by tapping a smartphone to a “smart tag” on a supply box, an automated message requests the supplies to be restocked. A room cleaning or transport request can be automated in a similar fashion. Telmediq’s clinical communications and collaboration platform integrates with over 20 clinical IT systems to better manage alarms, alerts, care coordination, and to ensure nurses get real time lab results and order notifications. Empowering nurses with the right tools to effectively communicate provides them more time with patients.

Ben Moore states, “We have deployed Telmediq to nurses at many large hospitals and healthcare systems and have gained a deep understanding of nursing requirements. We can help leadership teams develop a nurse mobility strategy that solves critical questions around deployment, shared devices, user access controls, security and sanitation.”

For more Use Cases of how clinical communication and collaboration solutions support nurses, download our brief here.

About Telmediq
Telmediq is a leader in healthcare communications solutions for large hospital systems, acute-care and ambulatory facilities. Telmediq provides a unified clinical communication platform that integrates more than 20 clinical systems (EHR, scheduling, lab, nurse call) and helps match technology with the way people work. Telmediq provides an integration and consolidation roadmap to reduce software and support costs, improve workflows, and provide a single source for analytics, auditing, and reporting. Our clients reduce patient wait times, improve patient handover times and improve physicians' work environment.

*Selected commentary collected about Telmediq Secure Communications by KLAS December 2017, visit for a complete view.

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