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Telmediq Adds New Call Center Console to Industry Leading Communications Platform

Seattle, WA. — Telmediq, the #1 KLAS rated vendor for secure communication platforms in healthcare, launches new call center console within its platform at HIMSS18.  The new console allows call center agents and operators within a healthcare system’s call center to handle inbound calls and access to critical information from clinical and IT systems in real-time using a single unified interface.

Using the new functionality, call center agents can join virtual queues from any location to service inbound patient and clinician calls, and instantly contact clinicians using Telmediq’s secure texting platform and unified clinical directories.  Rapid access to patient data is also enabled using a seamless integration with leading EMR systems such as Epic, Cerner, and Meditech.

“Hospitals continually struggle to get their legacy CTI-based call center technology properly integrated with their directory, scheduling solutions, patient records and texting solutions. This creates a lot of inefficient work arounds by call center staff and IT,” said Ben Moore, CEO and Founder of Telmediq. “The key to improving communication in hospitals is removing those silos and connecting all communication channels. That’s what we do.”

Barry Runyon of Gartner Research, recently wrote, “Clinical communication and collaboration, interactive patient care, and alarms and notification systems have actively begun to assume nurse call responsibilities. Soon contact/call centers will begin to participate directly in this new care team collaboration IT ecosystem.”1

Telmediq is the first company to include a full call center capability with a unified communications platform in healthcare using a cloud delivery model.  Historically, on premise call center software would need to be integrated with third-party paging or texting solutions, but Telmediq brings all of the mobile communications into a single platform.

The new call center console also enables hospitals to easily record operators and produce detailed reporting to promote higher levels of call service. Analytics are built into the system to measure call types and message flow to better deploy staffing resources over time.

“Our goal is to help hospitals move the call center towards a patient engagement center by reducing the number of administrative calls received. This will allow call center staff to focus on more proactive patient engagement activities,” said Moore.

Telmediq plans to add a patient texting module to the platform later this year so call center operators will be able to service both phone calls and inbound secure text messages from patients and route them accordingly, within the healthcare system.

“Every other industry has evolved towards multi-channel call center strategies except for healthcare,” said Moore.  “Patients should have better access options for real-time communication with their healthcare providers.  We’re working with our healthcare customers to make that happen.”

Visit us at HIMSS18, booth 3073, to learn more!

1. Gartner, “Innovation Insight for Care Team Collaboration,” Barry Runyon, 21 February 2018.

About Telmediq
Telmediq is KLAS’ #1 vendor for secure communication platforms in 2018. Telmediq provides a unified clinical communication platform to large hospital systems and acute-care facilities that integrates with more than 20 clinical systems (EHR, scheduling, lab, nurse call). Telmediq provides an integration and consolidation roadmap to reduce software and support costs, improve workflows and provide a single source for analytics, auditing and reporting. Our clients reduce patient wait times, improve patient handover times and improve physicians’ work environment. 

Contact: Gabrielle Eagles
Director of Marketing, Telmediq

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