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Putting Nurses at the Center of Patient Care using Modern Communications

Nurses are the hub of patient care coordination and communication within the walls of hospitals and healthcare facilities. We are always amazed at the..

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Connect with Telmediq at the CHIME CIO 2016 Forum & AMDIS' Fall Symposium

Join Telmediq's executive team in Phoenix at this week at CHIME's fall 2016 CIO forum and AMDIS' Fall Symposium. CHIME's event brings healthcare IT..

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Telmediq Mobile Application Demo Video

We have recently published a demonstration of our mobile applications. Please feel free to watch this 8 minute long video to get an understanding of the..

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Not Just For Pizza Anymore: Order Texting Approved By Joint Commission

5 years after their initial 2011 opinion that the texting of orders had no place in hospitals or healthcare, the Joint Commission issued a revised ruling..

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Solving Notification Overload in Healthcare

Thanks to initiatives like Meaningful Use and the rise of digital solutions catering to clinicians, healthcare providers now have access to unprecedented..

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Why Healthcare Needs Real-Time, Asynchronous Communication

Another day, another study confirming what SOME of us have known all along—by utilizing mobile communication applications (such as secure texting) in lieu..

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3 Benefits of Patient Centered Messaging

‘Patient-centric’ approaches, despite approaching meaningless buzzword status in healthcare, have been proven to yield positive results. Traditionally,..

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HIMSS In Review: Takeaways for Secure Messaging

Another ‘Super Bowl of Healthcare IT’ is in the history books, and with the Telmediq team having finally recovered from an epic four days of information,..

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A Multitude of HiMSS

Attending #HIMSS16 in the Sin City this year? Wouldn't you know it, we are too, and it would be a sin to not visit our booth to see how we’re helping..

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The Evolution of Healthcare Messaging Apps: How Far Are We From a Slack for Healthcare?

In the beginning, there was the hospital: an institution which grew from a need to provide medicine and care and promote health and wellness to the..

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Healthcare IT System Design: Lessons For The Future

What would healthcare information management and health IT workflow look like today if we focused on automated workflows first, and data second?..

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What Will FHIR Mean For Hospital Communications?

Finally, the era of modern web services has arrived to healthcare—and the next step is a doozy. If you haven’t heard much about FHIR (Fast Healthcare..

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