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Breaking the Pager Barrier

Hennepin County Medical Center needed a change. As Minnesota's premier Level-1 trauma center, processing more than 21,000 discharges annually, as well..

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Perfecting the Patient Handoff: 3 Ways to Improve Your Handoff Process

“The single biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it has taken place.” - George Bernard Shaw

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Blending Security and Usability in Mobile Healthcare

While many care providers and clinicians have come to accept communication inefficiencies as a relatively normal occupational hazard, the monetary cost..

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Beyond the Pager: How Secure Text Messaging Apps are Modernizing Healthcare Communications

The 1980s were responsible for a number of contributions to the advancement of technology—Walkmans, VCRs, the Apple II computer, and pagers all laid..

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3 Reasons Why your Secure Text Messaging App Needs to Talk to your EMR

There has been a recent surge in adoption of secure text messaging solutions within healthcare. Pagers and non-secured SMS messaging solutions are being..

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Bridging the Communications Gap Between Providers and Health Systems with Secure Text Messaging

While most healthcare secure text messaging solutions predominantly focus on HIPAA compliance and securing communications data, Telmediq is fundamentally..

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Why Voicemails that Contain PHI are a Huge HIPAA Risk in Healthcare

Just about every IT worker, clinician, and administrative staff member associated with a healthcare organization is aware of the HIPAA Omnibus rule that..

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CGH Medical Center: Transitioning to a Mobile Communications Platform

As more and more healthcare organizations transition to mobile device policies and cloud-based communication applications, healthcare CEOs, CIOs and..

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How Organizations Can Leverage Mobile Devices for Better Team and Patient Communication

Ben, our CEO, recently did a webinar with 1st Healthcare Compliance on the growing number of healthcare operations using their smartphone devices for..
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Former Absolute Software (ABT:TSX) CEO John Livingston Joins Telmediq

Victoria, Canada, January 20, 2015 --Telmediq, a leader in healthcare communication applications, announced the appointment of John Livingston as an..

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Beyond HIPAA Compliant Texting in 2014

Text Messaging in the Healthcare Environment

Text messaging, often referred to as ‘Texting’ and ‘SMS’, provides doctors and supporting healthcare..

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SmartPager Replaces HIPAA Compliant Texting With Integrated Solution

SmartPager has been working closely with customers over the past two years to evolve its products and platform to address the risks, pain and complexity..

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