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Real-Time Health System Technologies and the Gartner Hype Cycle

Gartner recently released a report on the Hype Cycle for Real-Time Health System Technologies for 2017 giving CIOs insight on assessing the value of healthcare technologies to enable a real-time health system (RTHS).

Gartner notes that a RTHS “represents the transformation of the healthcare provider into one that is more aware, integrated, collaborative and patient-centric”. A RTHS healthcare provider would become more agile to adapt to the shifting realities in healthcare, including the new value-based care (VBC) model, new financial realities and emerging patient expectations. 

“The RTHS intersects with critical care delivery systems such as the electronic health record, virtual care platforms and healthcare analytics technologies. Together, they capture, correlate and make use of patient event data in real time in order to make more timely clinical and patient management decisions that are necessary for operational efficiency, improved care quality and a positive patient experience.”

The Hype Cycle assesses various technologies that work collaboratively to fulfill the business and clinical requirements of the RTHS. The Hype Cycle for RTHS in 2017 features new technology profiles, including healthcare real-time location services (HRTLS), real-time health system orchestration (RTHS) and IoT, demonstrating the continued growth of this space.

Telmediq is well positioned within the RTHS space, building upon our solid footing in the clinical communication and collaboration technology (CC&T) space to include elements of healthcare real-time location services (HRTLS) with our patented NFC tap and real-time orchestration of health systems through our Healthcare Communication Hub.

Gartner has placed clinical communication and collaboration technology in its priority matrix for real-time health system technologies, giving it a ‘high’ benefit score on its own, with additional elements of the Telmediq Healthcare Communication Hub appearing in other squares of the matrix. Simplified in one solution, Telmediq is poised to tick off several priority boxes on the way to realizing the benefits of a real-time health system. 

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