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SmartPager Comes to Canada to Fix Problems in Healthcare Communications

VICTORIA, May 16, 2013 /CNW/ - Breakdowns in communication between doctors, nurses and patients cost billions of dollars a year and put patient safety at risk on a daily basis. Doctors continue to rely on antiquated communications technologies such as pager devices that are subject to frequent failure and contribute to delayed communication due to their limited capabilities. 

In March of 2012 a Victoria, BC based company, SmartPager Systems Inc., was founded by two engineers to overhaul legacy healthcare communications infrastructure. Since their initial product launch in January 2013, the company has grown to 7 employees and now has over 1000 users on the system. One key to the company's success to date has been providing reliable messaging on Smartphone devices. Messages are routed though the SmartPager network based on the type of message, priority, as well as who is on call or responsible for a patient. 

Despite their success south of the border, SmartPager has not seen very large adoption in Canada. Canadian privacy laws such as British Columbia's Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (FIPPA), prevented SmartPager from offering their service in some parts of Canada due to the fact that the service currently runs out of data centers in the United States.

Due to requests from several major healthcare authorities to launch pilots, SmartPager decided to release a Canadian version of the service. "We've had such overwhelming demand for our service in Canada that we decided to invest in the future and build a second data center in Canada…" said CEO and Co-Founder Ben Moore. "As of June 1st, Canadian healthcare organizations will be able to use SmartPager and remain compliant with the various federal and provincial privacy laws. We are very excited about the prospects as we are the only Canadian based company offering this service nationwide." 

SmartPager Systems in a privately held federal corporation based in Victoria, British Columbia.

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SOURCE: SmartPager Systems Inc.

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