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Telmediq Recognized as Finalist in 2019 VIATEC Technology Awards

Telmediq is pleased to announce that we have been selected as a finalist for Innovative Excellence in the 2019 VIATEC Technology Awards. Telmediq is a two-time VIATEC Technology Award winner, including winning the prestigious title of Product of the Year in 2018 and being named Emerging Technology Company of the Year in 2017.

The 19th Annual VIATEC Technology Awards celebrates the achievements of technology companies responsible for making Greater Victoria the fastest growing technology region in British Columbia. VIATEC has recognized 49 finalists from among 98 nominations across 11 award categories.

The Innovative Excellence Award recognizes companies that have designed an emerging, innovative product or service that is expected to revolutionize a sector, method of business or way of life, with particular attention to the level of disruption the technology is likely to be. Telmediq recently received the KLAS Category Leader Award for Secure Healthcare Communications Platforms for the second year in a row, an award which recognizes that Telmediq has continued to evolve to meet the expanding needs of today’s hospitals for a broader range of functionality to improve workflows and patient care.

The past year has been a strong one for Telmediq, with a number of new technology rollouts including user-based routing, a patent-pending Asynrchonous Verbal Order System (AVOS), and near-field communication (NFC) technology to allow nurses to badge in without complex login protocols and to tap for service, among other innovations. In January 2019, the market-leading position and continued innovation of the platform led to Telmediq’s acquisition by PerfectServe, another provider of cloud-based clinical communication and collaboration (CC&C) solutions.

It is a great honor to be named a finalist for these awards in 2019 and to share this spot with the other 2019 VIATEC Technology Award finalists. We have had a breakthrough year here at Telmediq and are looking to the future to help create the care team collaboration platform of the future.