Improve Response Times & Patient Outcomes for Sepsis by Supporting Effective Communication & Workflows

This brief details how timely communication supports clinicians in sepsis cases. clinical_communication_collaboration_sepsis

In this brief, you will learn:

  • Common communication breakdowns in sepsis diagnosis and treatment
  • How message escalation is essential for care delivery when a clinician is unavailable
  • How supporting SBAR message templates can improve communication between care team members
  • The importance of Nurse Call and PBX phone integrations for communicating directly with the patient from a clinician’s smartphoneKLAS-Category-Leader-Secure-Communications-2019

Download the brief for a step-by-step look at using a clinical communication and collaboration solution to improve sepsis workflows.

Telmediq is the 2019 & 2018 KLAS Category Leader for Secure Communications Platforms.