In its infancy, point solutions provided a secure means of texting. Today's solutions offer powerful integrations and workflows that align with the way physicians and nurses work to reduce their administrative load and provide them more time with patients.

Telmediq's cloud based solution adapts quickly to hospital demands, preparing hospitals for years to come.


Learn how integrations will have physicians & nurses thanking you...

  • Patient centered communication: orders, lab results, radiology images, EMR data and care team members in one place
  • One-click HIPAA-compliant communication with the entire care team
  • Joint Commission approved safe patient hand-offs
  • One-click access to On-Call groups and corporate directory
  • Prioritized alerts to reduce alert fatigue
  • Message escalation when a physician is unavailable
  • Review critical test result message (CTRM) notifications, and update the EMR from your mobile phone
Telmediq integrates with 40+ clinical systems to ensure all clinical communication is available in one place.


Offer the Care Team more than Secure Messaging

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