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Give Valuable Time Back to Physicians & Nurses


Out of the Box Integrations

Telmediq includes a basic scheduling platform and supports:

  • Amion
  • Qgenda
  • Tangier
  • Shift Admin

Why Integrate
On-Call Schedules?

Physicians, nurses and agents spend unnecessary time looking up on call schedules, care team phone numbers and waiting for pages to be responded to.

These tasks can be automated - ensuring staff members are spending valuable time with patients.

Providers can:

  • Easily change their on-call availability
  • Ensure critical messages are escalated properly
  • Keep pager numbers but have enhanced messaging capabilities

Nurses can:

  • Reach the right physician every time
  • Direct dial one on-call number, never look up who's on call again
  • Stop waiting for call-backs

Call and Transfer Center Agents can:

  • Easily reference a single unified schedule to see who is on call and on shift
  • Direct dial "Hospitalist on-call", no need to look up who's on call
  • Transfer to "Charge Nurse Ward 3" without looking up who that is

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