Improve Nurse Communication, Efficiency & Patient Care


Nurses are at the center of effective healthcare communication and require technologies to support this. Healthcare facilities are often stuck with legacy technology like pagers, DETC phones and wearable badges, that don’t provide the level of communication needed. Telmediq is the 2018 KLAS Category Leader for Secure Communication Platforms and we help nurses spend less time managing communications and documentation and more time with patients. 

Arming nurses with the right communication tools is essential for effective patient care

In this white paper, you will learn:

  • Available technology for cost conscious administrators
  • Integration considerations for effective nurse communication
  • How to reduce alarm fatigue, improve bed call response options and receive time-critical updates from the EMR without going to the work station
  • How to remain HIPAA compliant and provide an effective audit trail
  • The impact of improved nurse communications on hospital metrics

Empower nurses for better patient care

  • Visibility into a patient’s care team and their EMR including lab results;
  • Real time text and voice communication with physicians with automated escalations so that nurses’ valuable time isn’t spent tracking people down;
  • The ability to call into a patient room to address a patient issue without having to walk a long distance.

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