Clinical-Communications-Use-Case-BriefWhat are the use cases for a clinical communication and collaboration platform?

This brief details how the secure messaging field has evolved. By connecting all stakeholders across the healthcare continuum, Clinical Communication and Collaboration (CC&C) platforms enable more efficient care delivery and improve the patient experience and safety. As you will see in this document, integrations drive a lot of the use cases and workflows beyond basic secure texting and voice.

What will you find in this document? Here are a few sample use cases that we delineate in detail:

  • Sepsis Alerting
  • Alarm Management
  • Automated Clinical Messaging
  • Verbal Order/Telephone Order Conveyance
  • Federating of On-Call Schedules
  • Pager Replacement Use Cases
  • Paging a Broadcast Group to Alert a Code Team
  • After Hours Patient Calls
  • Handling Inbound Patient and Family Calls
  • Patient ‘Status Update’ or ‘Change In Condition’
  • Patient Admission and Discharge Workflows
  • Quick Consult Request Based on Call Schedules
  • Request for Orders or Care Directories with Escalation for PatieKLAS-Category-Leader-Secure-Communications-2019nt Safety

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