Breaking the Pager Barrier

With a 472-bed hospital and 50+ primary care clinics, Hennepin County Medical Center realized that pagers were adversely affecting patient throughput by creating communication gaps and increasing administrative burdens on clinicians and nurses.

As Minnesota’s premier level 1 adult trauma center, processing over 21,000 discharges annually, Hennepin needed a communication network that could be relied upon to assure patient satisfaction and safety. Hennepin transitioned to Telmediq’s reliable two-way communication platform to create efficiencies among the care team, particularly in the event of urgent care or widespread emergency situations.

Learn more about:

  • How Hennepin transitioned from pagers to secure two-way messaging with Telmediq
  • How the use of structured messaging and communication workflow automation created a 50% reduction in ED overflow processes and a 75% improvement in ED to ICU transfer time
  • How improving care coordination can reduce hospital costs and improve patient satisfaction
  • How integrations with Amion, Epic and Hennepin’s Active Directory simplify the communication workflow