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The only messaging platform you should consider is an integrated one. Learn how integrations streamline communication while improving patient care for healthcare organizations.

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Hennepin County Medical Center Success Story

Secure Text MessagingSecure Text Messaging

Our HIPAA compliant secure text messaging solution puts the patient at the center of the workflow while ensuring efficient communications between clinicians. SmartText integrates with existing clinical and IT systems such as the medical record, provider schedules, staff directories and call center software.
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Pager ReplacementPager Replacement

Our mobile pager replacement solution provides a virtual pager number and ensures reliable message delivery to any iOS or Android device. Voice and numeric pages can be sent to users with one-touch callback. VOIP support allows clinicians to use their personal device while protecting their personal phone number. On-call schedules assure the right message is sent to the right provider at the right time.
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Medical Answering ServiceMedical Answering Service

Telmediq offers a modern medical answering service that improves response times and convenience for on-call providers. Configurable rules and schedules allow for calls and messages to be routed to the correct provider’s personal smartphone device. Voice messages are automatically transcribed, and callbacks occur with one click while protecting personal phone numbers. Automatic escalation of unacknowledged messages increase patient safety.

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For Healthcare SystemsFor Healthcare Systems

Connect multiple hospitals and clinics with a comprehensive and integrated communications platform. Telmediq unifies secure voice and text messaging with clinical and healthcare IT systems including staff directories, electronic medical records, nurse call systems, on-call scheduling platforms, call center systems and more.

For HospitalsFor Hospitals

Deploy a comprehensive HIPAA compliant communications solution while improving clinical coordination. Our solutions allow hospitals to consolidate legacy paging systems, nurse call platforms, critical lab notification systems, on-call schedules and enterprise alerting into a single platform that runs on any Android or iOS device. The solution can be rapidly deployed to all clinical and staff users through integration with your existing staff directory.

For PracticesFor Practices

Consolidate your communications including secure texting apps, on-call schedules, pagers and after-hours medical answering service with a single comprehensive solution that will save your practice time and money. Our secure communications system is fully HIPAA compliant and allows speciality practices to manage a single system significantly reducing IT costs and saving practice administrators time.

Webinar: Webinar:

Learn more about the rise of secure messaging solutions and why point solutions and secure apps are failing healthcare organizations.

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Guide: Guide:

Best practices that will help any sized healthcare organization or company rollout a mobile secure text messaging communication platform.

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Watch the following webinar with Joshua Kermisch, VP of Operations at Sound Physicians and how they improved communications.

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  • “Overall, Telmediq has been amazing. The level of intelligence and automation around routing of messages and finding the right user or group has really has sped up coordination of patient care and discharge times. The physicians also love the fact that they can keep a pager number on their smartphones.”

  • “The end staff love the fact that they can page a physician, see that it has been read, and immediately respond with a quick message. Communication between providers is now vastly more efficient. They can easily send messages to their colleagues or see who is on call for a specialty. We are now looking at adding more of our communication process to Smart Pager.”

  • “There is no more waiting by the phone for a return phone call… patient safety is enhanced.”

  • “Telmediq was the only solution that truly recognized how healthcare operates and communicates. Their customizable clinical workflow automation features went a long way in saving our clinicians time, effort and energy—all of which, could be better spent on influencing better patient outcomes.”

  • “We are very pleased with the outcome of your product. It’s as amazing and customizable as you said it would be.”

  • “Workflow is much more streamlined… If I can’t get to a call in a timely manner, it is sent to my backup, so we’re assured calls aren’t missed.”

  • “Telmediq is way ahead of our previous service. It has enhanced the communications with our doctors and will fit nicely with our practice expansion plans.”

  • “Our practice before Telmediq was relying on text messages and calls but now it has made our jobs a lot easier. They customize according to your needs, it is HIPAA compliant and it is incredibly efficient for all of us in the practice. Thank you Telmediq for making it happen and for being a solution to our success!”

  • “Dr. to Dr. handoffs are more reliable, the quality of information is better & our ability to relate pertinent & contextual information through Telmediq to a physician…was greatly enhanced.“