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Clinical Communication and Collaboration

The only messaging platform you should consider is an integrated one. Learn how unifying communication improves patient care for healthcare organizations.

Telmediq connects clinicians, nurses and administrators through an integrated secure clinical communication platform. Servicing large hospital systems and acute care facilities across the US, Telmediq's cloud-based secure communication solution ensures CIOs prepare their healthcare facilities for the changing demands for years into the future.

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Telmediq's secure communication platform reduces the number of administrative tasks physicians, nurses and administrators do - providing more time for patient care. Our powerful workflows provide messages, images and videos in real time with sent and read receipts. All members of the care team can be seen from each patient record for instant messaging, patient EMR data and structured notes for entry into the EMR. A hospital's care team directory is consolidated into one secure medical communication solution to remove outdated white board and paper based phone number and pager number look-ups - increasing accuracy and timeliness in communication. IT executives gain value in consolidating secure clinical communication into one platform, reducing costs and freeing valuable IT resources. Telmediq ensures secure physician communication, hospital secure communications systems and all users meet HIPAA compliance for secure mobile communication solutions when using Telmediq.

Secure Text Messaging Secure Text Messaging

Our HIPAA compliant secure text messaging solution connects the care team through their patients. Each patient record shows basic EMR data, care team notes, care team members and threaded communication including text, phone and multimedia. Secure communications software has evolved, learn how!
Connect my Care Team

Pager Replacement Pager Replacement

Our mobile pager replacement solution provides a virtual pager number and ensures reliable message delivery. Voice and numeric pages can be sent to users with one-touch callback. VOIP support allows clinicians to use their personal device while protecting their personal phone number. On-call schedules assure the right message is sent to the right provider at the right time. Invest in a flexible secure communication system that meets today's paging needs but with the scalability to meet future demands.
Enhance Paging Capabilities

Medical Answering Service Medical Answering Service

Telmediq offers a modern medical answering service that improves response times and convenience for on-call providers. Configurable rules and schedules allow for calls and messages to be routed to the correct provider’s personal device. Automatic escalation of unacknowledged messages increase patient safety. Voice messages are automatically transcribed with one-click callbacks that protect the privacy of personal phone numbers.
Eliminate Human Error

Vendor Consolidation Vendor Consolidation

Telmediq unifies HIPAA complaint text messaging with HIT systems including staff directories, electronic medical records, nurse call systems, on-call scheduling platforms, call center systems and 40+ more out-of-the-box system integrations. Systems are augmented or replaced to improve clinician's workflow and reduce the HIT burden on IT.
Consolidate my Secure Healthcare Communications

Give Valuable Time Back to Nurses Give Valuable Time Back to Nurses

Nurses need solutions that reduce their workload, not increase it. CNIOs are moving nurses onto smartphones to provide ready access to the EMR, physician communication and patients' families. Learn what leading hospitals systems are doing for their nurse mobility strategy.
Empower Nurses

Integrate On-Call Schedules Integrate On-Call Schedules

Are paper and white board on-call schedules sustainable into 2020? Reduce errors, time consuming look ups and siloed scheduling systems with a one-click look up of who is on-call on your mobile.
Telmediq consolidates on-call schedules and ensure you can contact the on-call physician without looking up their schedule.
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