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Telmediq at CHIME17: An Integrated Communication Platform to Improve Clinical Workflow

Telmediq attended the CHIME17 Fall CIO Forum on October 31-November 3, 2017 to meet with CIOs to discuss how integrated, patient-centered communication can address the critical pressures facing healthcare organizations today.  We had another great year meeting with fellow thought leaders in the healthcare space, discussing some of the hot topics of the year, from patient identification and cybersecurity to clinical workflow and some of the ways we’ve been innovating to meet these demands at Telmediq. We look forward to continuing many of these discussions over the coming weeks.

Improved Clinical Workflow With Integrated, Patient-Centric Communications

In an era of value-based care, hospitals are being challenged to drive down costs and improve the patient experience, yet are often encumbered with legacy technologies and siloed healthcare technologies. Hospitals continue to invest in new technologies while central issues around workflow, patient-centered care delivery, non-HIPAA compliant messaging and interoperability continue to be a problem. Hospitals today waste $12 billion annually on communication inefficiencies, a leading cause of sentinel events.

Right now, the average hospital has 10-12 different communication systems in place, many of then 10 or even 20 years old including pagers, telephone systems, and desktop paging systems. Whether it’s requesting a consult, communicating an order, or closing the loop on a critical lab result, communication that should take seconds can take several minutes to complete and is source of serious errors and delays. 

Telmediq’s Healthcare Communications Hub (HCH) centralizes all healthcare communications through one solution that recognizes the workflows and processes of the teams and types of users on the care team. With deep clinical integration (EHR, schedules, labs, nurse call) within a patient-centered communication platform, the HCH enables real-time communication among the care team to simplify complex workflows around orders, consults, safe patient hand-offs and closing the loop on critical lab results. Visit us to find out more.

Focus Group: Improving Care Coordination, Communication & Nurse Mobility

Leading healthcare organizations are starting to see how a full care co-ordination & communication solution can improve HCAHPS scores, improve nurse & clinician retention and lower costs for IT. In this session, we want to learn how you perceive communications solutions today. Is secure text messaging a box you check for compliance or have you begun integrating your communications solution with the EMR, LIS, radiology, the call center & schedules. Do you know the impact that integrating your systems into a single, patient-centric platform can have on clinical workflow?

We held a valuable focus group discussion on November 2nd from 3:30 - 5pm about CIO insights on healthcare communication and our communication solution in specific, the insight of which will provide valuable insight to help guide our product road map. Thank you to all those who attended and shared their insights with us!

Telmediq at CHIME17 

Telmediq demonstrated our Healthcare Communications Hub (HCH) at CHIME17:

  • Seamlessly communicate among clinicians or care teams across within or across hospitals and care centres
  • Integrate siloed healthcare systems into a single patient-based platform (EHR, call systems, on-call schedules, LIS, alarm systems and more)
  • Leverage smart integrations to route and escalate messages among clinicians
  • Receive, respond to and route patient bed calls and alerts
  • Integrate with alarm and vital monitoring systems for handheld patient monitoring, response and routing of support
  • Push notifications of lab results and orders
  • Integrated NFC technology to automate patient care tasks and hospital maintenance
  • Simplified documentation to the EMR with smart field mapping to reduce administrative overhead
  • Safe Patient Hand-Off with one click, ensuring all patient information is passed off and accepted by a new physician with auto-escalation to meet Joint Commission requirements. 

The future of healthcare communications can be achieved today. Let Telmediq help you leverage your existing healthcare systems to realize the cost savings and improvements to patient care achievable through integration.

Contact us to arrange a demo of the Telmediq Healthcare Communication Hub. 



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