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Care Team Collaboration
for Physicians

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HIPAA-Compliance is Not Enough, Physicians Need a Workflow Solution.

Empower physicians with a secure messaging solution that also allows them to control who can contact them, when they can be contacted, and the reasons for which communication can be initiated. Telmediq allows physicians to update their on-call schedules from their mobile and offers differentiated alerts for different message types. Provide clinicians instant access to colleagues, smart routing of messages and critical notifications so they can spend more time caring for patients and less time managing communication. 

Read how Greenville Health System improved communication for their physicians.

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Efficient Collaboration

Telmediq ensures providers can instantly find colleagues by name, location, department or by role, such as “Hospitalist On Call” or “ED Charge Nurse” and the system automatically routes messages to the clinician who is on call or logged in for each role.

This sophisticated feature pays attention to preferred workflows, time of day, vacation schedules, and even last-minute shift changes. Physicians can message care team members individually or as a group to coordinate admissions, discharges, STEMI activations, consult requests or other aspects of care. Rules-based routing and escalation capabilities ensure reliable message delivery. Messages can include files, images, video, audio and text.

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Patient-Centered Communication

Physicians want to walk into the hospital and know immediately who their patients are, where they are located and review their record. Telmediq’s communication features are organized around the patient, giving physicians intuitive access to their patient list, including patient names, locations, DOBs, chief complaints and associated messages. Physicians can easily add patients to their lists, as well as safely hand patients off—with full history—to the next provider. EMR integration provides immediate notification of sepsis alerts or critical abnormals.

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Pager Replacement

Physicians want to retain pager functionality, such as the ability to have another clinician monitor incoming messages while in surgery or in a critical patient encounter, but benefit from enhanced paging functionality. Telmediq allows physicians to use their smartphone as a paging device but adds two-way communication, escalations when unavailable, and the ability to block personal numbers for outbound calls.

Learn how Hennepin Healthcare transitioned physicians off pagers to improve care team collaboration.

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Leverage Our Workflow Expertise

Telmediq works closely with clinicians to continually augment workflow capabilities. Advanced capabilities that may not be available with a text-only platform include request for orders, asynchronous verbal orders, STEMI activations, sepsis alerting, consult requests from the bedside, mobile on-call schedule updates, safe patient handoff, critical result notifications, post-discharge patient follow-ups and OR mode to temporarily mirror messaging.

The Telmediq team will guide your organization beyond clinical communication to address the workflow challenges that are slowing your physicians down. We’ll bring you the best practices and optimized workflows that have proven to increase patient throughput and reduce care delays.

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