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Breaking the Pager Barrier

Hennepin County Medical Center needed a change. As Minnesota's premier Level-1 trauma center, processing more than 21,000 discharges annually, as well as maintaining over 50 primary care clinics distributed throughout the Minneapolis—St. Paul area, their reliance on pagers and pager networks was hindering their ability to deliver efficient and effective care.

First, there was the issue of security. Unencrypted messages containing PHI were being transmitted routinely using pager networks. Secondly, physicians were carrying anywhere from 2-6 separate devices as part of the pager-based workflow. And lastly, there were issues with pager reliability: dropped calls, unreturned messages, and the inability to quickly contact the correct physician provider were taking their toll on the organization’s clinicians and their ability to coordinate care expediently.

Transitioning 500+ employees to any new solution is a daunting enough task; never mind in a fast-paced healthcare environment with an entrenched, albeit outdated, workflow. Yet HCMC was able to evaluate and implement a new organization-wide solution that streamlined communication, consolidated devices, and increased transparency, all with minimal disruption to staff and patients.

Considering upgrading your clinician communication systems? Learn how Hennepin County Medical Center evaluated and selected their solution, implemented it across the organization, and minimized disruption in this free webinar featuring HCMC CTO Matthew Werder, and Telmediq CEO and founder Ben Moore.

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