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SmartPager 1.0 Released To Address Healthcare Critical Messaging Market

SmartPager Systems Inc. (SmartPager) has announced the release of their critical messaging platform to their first customers in North America. The product is currently being piloted at several medical and health care organizations looking to replace their paging systems. Sending messages on these old systems is often referred to as ‘Page and Pray’ due to the existing networks' limited reliability and functionality.

Ben Moore, the company’s founder, emphasized some of the important value added capabilities of the SmartPager Cloud Paging Service beyond pager replacement: “It’s no longer just about throwing away that old pager device.  It’s about eliminating barriers in the healthcare industry that often cause communication breakdowns between medical staff and compromise patient care.”

The SmartPager solution can identify who is on call, and how to escalate a message if the intended recipient cannot be reached. “Ultimately, it is about making communications seamless so that providers can focus on what matters most, which is helping their patients.” said Moore.

SmartPager has leveraged the strengths of the Smartphone platforms to add a new dimension to critical messaging. “It  makes sense to use capabilities of these touch screen devices in a more meaningful way.” said Moore. “For example, the ability to use the camera, sound recording, and touch based forms eliminates the need for cumbersome typed responses. This is a total departure from traditional text messaging or IM concepts”.

One key feature of the service was insisted upon by SmartPager's first customers. Every SmartPager user gets a unique pager number, and they can even port their old pager number into the solution.  “Our seamless integration with the telephone network allows our customers to keep their legacy paging solutions, so institutions do not have to take a ‘big bang’ approach.  It’s been helpful for those that are reluctant to let go of their pager.”

When speaking about the market conditions and prospects, the company is very optimistic given the uniqueness of the SmartPager offering: “Our competitors rely on the consumer-grade push platforms provided by the smart phone companies. To have your critical message queued up behind your email and Facebook updates is a recipe for disaster for the customers in our industry.”

Security is paramount for such an offering.  Because the service runs in the cloud, special consideration had to be given to achieve compliance with laws and regulations, such as HIPAA. Dr. Jens Weber, Software Engineering Director at the University of Victoria is on the company’s advisory board and was involved with SmartPager in achieving this goal.  “Certain unique and novel approaches had to be taken to ensure that PHI (Patient Health Information) was secured in an unquestionable manner in the cloud” Says Dr. Weber.

SmartPager offers their messaging service in several industries, including healthcare, emergency response, IT management, and corporate/business continuity. The product is offered on a monthly subscription fee to customers.

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