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Patient Engagement to Streamline Patient Preparation and Intake

Traditional communication channels such as telephone calls, emails, and voice mails take a lot of people power and are becoming less and less effective...

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Text-First Strategy Encourages Patient-Reported Outcomes

Patient-reported outcomes (PROs) are a critical way to assess the ongoing state of patient health, from general health and well-being data to specific..

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How Patient Engagement Supports Well-Child Initiatives


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Reduce Staffing Costs Associated with Patient Communication

As we shift to a value-based care model, healthcare providers are looking for ways to improve quality outcomes while reducing costs. Proactively engaging..

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3 Ways Patient Text Messaging Drives Operational Efficiencies in Healthcare

As healthcare continues the shift from volume to value, healthcare providers are expected to deliver a higher level of patient care with fewer resources...

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5 Ways Texting Can Help Manage Chronic Conditions

Because chronic conditions such as diabetes and asthma have no known cure, a lifetime of management is necessary to ensure patients get the most out of..

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3 Benefits of Patient Centered Messaging

‘Patient-centric’ approaches, despite approaching meaningless buzzword status in healthcare, have been proven to yield positive results. Traditionally,..

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