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We’re Pledging Complimentary Support for Your COVID-19 Response

Across the country, we need to work together to respond to COVID-19. Our hearts go out to the many people impacted by the pandemic, and particularly the hardworking healthcare providers treating patients around the clock. The PerfectServe family is privileged to serve some of the country’s leading healthcare organizations, and we’re already helping many of them—such as Prisma Health and United Health Services—with their COVID-19 efforts.

On the PerfectServe website, you can read more about the following offer we’re extending to all customers related to their COVID-19 response strategy:

  • Free software and services for Patient & Family Communication (automated patient outreach via text message) for COVID-19 purposes. Carrier message rates may apply.
  • Free services to implement best practices for COVID-19 purposes.

This offer applies to all PerfectServe, Telmediq, and Lightning Bolt customers regardless of the solution(s) they use—Clinical Communication & Collaboration, Nurse Mobility, Patient & Family Communication, Answering Service, Contact Center, or Provider Scheduling.

The Patient & Family Communication (PFC) solution allows for direct patient engagement via text message to share COVID-19 updates. Sample PFC use cases already implemented with customers include:

  • Announcing curbside test access to patients.
  • Two-way secure message with patients to conduct risk or screening assessments.
  • Informing patients when and where to get treatment.
  • Disseminating patient education about disease avoidance best practices.
  • Proactive outreach to catch potential COVID-19 cases before they walk in the door.

PFC implementation requires customer to supply formatted patient lists and data, including patient phone numbers.

Beyond PFC, PerfectServe is also offering free services to implement COVID-19 best practices to facilitate new critical care team communication. Sample use cases include:

  • Setup or modification of team alerts (also known as broadcast groups or distribution lists). Team alerts automate many steps in the rapid response process, allowing customers to quickly and easily notify all members of incident response or patient tracking teams with a single communication.
  • Assignment and schedules changes. Physician Scheduling customers have requested new assignments and schedules to make sure their facilities are optimally staffed to respond to changing conditions and patient load.

No matter how we can help, the entire PerfectServe team is eager to support your COVID-19 response efforts. Head over to the PerfectServe site for more information.