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What is a Clinical Communication and Collaboration Platform?

What is a clinical communication and collaboration platform?

Clinical communication and collaboration (CC&C) platforms are secure messaging solutions that integrate with the clinical systems required to enhance workflow for physicians, nurses and other care team members from a smartphone or desktop application. CC&C platforms are an evolution from secure messaging solutions that focused on texting in a HIPAA compliant manner.

Where a secure messaging solution traditionally provides HIPAA compliant texting and voice communication, a CC&C platform brings in patient data from the EMR to provide clinicians their patient list, care team members, the ability to message all care team members and see the patient's DOB, location and other critical details from a smartphone.

A clinical communication and collaboration platform will also integrate with clinical scheduling solutions to seamlessly share who is on call and a clinician's availability, nurse call to improve patient response times, the call center and hospital phones.

The enhanced workflow capabilities of a clinical communication and collaboration platform are known to improve communication between physicians and nurses, provide insight and improved response times for SEPSIS or STEMI activation, the coordination of admissions and discharges and trauma alerts.

By reducing the time it takes to coordinate care, clinicians are able to spend more time with patients which can improve job satisfaction, safety, patient outcomes, patient throughput and HCAHPS scores.

What does a clinical communication and collaboration platform do?

  • HIPAA compliant text messaging, voice communication and the ability to message videos and images
  • Message/call escalation and routing based on users' role or availability
  • Ability to view and update schedules from your smartphone
  • Instant notification of SEPSIS, critical lab results, STEMI patients, orders, admissions, discharges, critical alarms
  • Ability to call back to a patient's room from your smartphone when the nurse call button has been activated
  • Send emergency broadcast messages for shooters, coding, fire, weather or other mass communication requirements
  • Audit all messages with sent, delivered and read time/date stamps

To learn more, download our Clinical Communication & Collaboration Use Case Guide. Telmediq is the 2019 & 2018 KLAS Category Leader for Secure Communications Platforms.

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Common integrations for clinical communication and collaboration platforms

CC&C platforms most commonly integrate with the EMR, schedules, hospital phones, alarming middleware, labs, nurse call systems, the corporate directory and the call center. As the industry grows, additional integrations will surface to continue improving communication for clinicians.

How do I choose the right vendor?

KLAS Research and Gartner both analyze vendors in this space and have yearly reports to assist hospital administrators. We suggest focusing on the use cases. What's going to improve communication and care team collaboration for physicians, nurses and other staff at your hospital? How can it help with SEPSIS or STEMI patients? How will it provide nurses more time with patients? How will it reduce the number of misdirected calls to physicians?

If you have any questions or would like to know more, please connect with a clinical communication specialist any time.