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AONE 2017: Telmediq's Healthcare Communication Hub for Nurses

Telmediq is headed to AONE 2017 March 29 - April 1 in Baltimore, Maryland to connect with nurses on their communication challenges and requirements while at work. Join Telmediq in Booth 1062 or on come to our talk on March 31st, Using Communication Technology to Improve Nurse Efficiency and Patient Care, to learn how seamless integrations and automated workflows can translate into more effective patient care. 

Nurses as the Hub of Patient Care

Nurses are the hub of patient care in the hospital setting, yet are often overburdened with time-consuming and repetitive tasks, legacy communication devices and time-consuming documentation requirements. The average nurse spends 19% of time on direct patient care, with more time spent on care co-ordination (21%), documentation (35%) and medication administration (17%).

The continuous back-and-forth between patient care and administrative duties (often at the nurse workstation) has a direct impact on nurse working conditions and on the effectiveness of care delivery. Currently, US hospitals waste over $12 billion annually as a result of inefficiencies in hospital communications among care providers, of which 40% is attributed to latency in nurse communications, not to mention the additional costs associated with the inefficient allocation of a nurse’s time.

Using Communication Technology to Improve Nurse Efficiency and Patient Care: AONE Session

Friday, March 31 11:50am - 12:10pm
Customer Connection Theater

Telmediq CEO, Ben Moore, will be talking about Using Communication Technology to Improve Nurse Efficiency and Patient Care in the Customer Connection Theater.  

CNOs who “own the patient-care vision” know the importance that HIT can play in improving the clinical workflow of nurses. By reducing the administrative burden and inefficiencies in nurse workflow, hospitals will see direct improvements to patient care, HCAHPS scores and a reduction in costs. In this session, we will examine how modern communication technology designed with the nurse as the hub of the healthcare experience can help achieve these goals.

Join Ben Moore, CEO of Telmediq to learn more about the latest in communication technology for nurses.

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Telmediq at AONE 2017

Arming nurses with the right communication tools is essential for effective patient care. Join Telmediq at BOOTH 1062 to get an interactive demo of the Telmediq Communication Hub.

The Telmediq Healthcare Communication Hub arms nurses with a single application to:

  • View and input into the patient record
  • Receive order or lab result notifications
  • Seamlessly co-ordinate with the on-call care team, with smart integrations to route and escalate messages
  • Receive, respond to and route patient bed calls and alerts
  • Integrate with alarm systems, to quickly add context to multiple alerts
  • Automate non-essential tasks with Near-Field Communications (NFC) technology, allowing a single tap to request a service call

ce2f58a6-339b-404a-a2c1-ba47378ab1a0Interoperability, workflow and patient-centred care are priority items in healthcare organizations increasingly pressured to demonstrate meaningful use and to ensure continued Medicaid funding. Nurses, tasked with the bulk of patient care interactions, hold the potential to dramatically improve the patient experience. Until now, legacy systems, siloed healthcare solutions and budget restrictions have placed more administrative burdens on our nurses. 

With Telmediq, low cost modernization of nurse communications infrastructure is finally a reality. Come visit our Booth 1062 to learn more or contact us for an online demo.

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