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Telmediq Introduces Asynchronous Verbal Order System (AVOS)

SEATTLE, WA. -- Telmediq, the #1 KLAS rated vendor for secure communication platforms in healthcare, today released details about healthcare’s only mobile-supported verbal order system. Telmediq’s patent-pending Asynchronous Verbal Order System (AVOS) replaces traditional telephone and verbal order entry workflows with a streamlined mobile solution.

Clinicians continue to struggle with verbal order workflows as the need to meet in-person or connect via telephone often leads to significant delays in care. As providers become increasingly mobile, non-compliant workarounds to verbal order workflows emerged, including the use of insecure text messaging.

Despite policies to prohibit insecure communication and a ban on texting of orders by the Joint Commission, one survey found 84% of orders were communicated by insecure text message.¹ In another poll, 97% of physicians were using insecure chat apps to send patient information.²

Telmediq designed a streamlined mobile solution to replace traditional telephone and verbal order entry workflows and protocols. Telmediq’s Asynchronous Verbal Order System (AVOS) supports the verbal order workflows that are in use in the hospital today, leveraging the simplicity and accountability of a mobile platform solution to speed up the communication process and provide critical oversight.

“For many hospitals, closing the loop on orders is a complex process,” notes Ben Moore, “With AVOS, we simplify that process and provide real time notification of any issues during the order entry and execution process.” The real-time notification system built into AVOS extends the minimum verbal and order telephone entry order requirements set forth by the Joint Commission, helping deliver on the spirit of that requirement with greater oversight to minimize errors.

AVOS uses a voice dictation from the physician, a voice dictation reply from the nurse, along with a form based message with conversation to make verbal orders possible over a texting platform. While not a complete CPOE solution, AVOS greatly improves the current workflow associated with cumbersome telephone and verbal orders. Orders can happen asynchronously, and can also leverage integrated escalation policies to ensure critical care is delivered in a timely fashion for time sensitive orders.

AVOS is a core capability of Telmediq’s cloud-based platform, integrating with hospital clinical, IT, and telecom systems to unify communication and streamline care.

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Telmediq is the #1 KLAS rated vendor for secure communication platforms for large hospital systems, acute-care and ambulatory facilities. Telmediq unifies communication by integrating 20+ clinical systems (EHR, schedules, call center, alarms, nurse call) to improve workflow and connect care team members. To learn more about the unique and recurring use cases of Telmediq in acute and ambulatory settings, download our Guide.

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