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3 Benefits of Patient Centered Messaging

‘Patient-centric’ approaches, despite approaching meaningless buzzword status in healthcare, have been proven to yield positive results. Traditionally,..

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HIMSS In Review: Takeaways for Secure Messaging

Another ‘Super Bowl of Healthcare IT’ is in the history books, and with the Telmediq team having finally recovered from an epic four days of information,..

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The Evolution of Healthcare Messaging Apps: How Far Are We From a Slack for Healthcare?

In the beginning, there was the hospital: an institution which grew from a need to provide medicine and care and promote health and wellness to the..

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Healthcare IT System Design: Lessons For The Future

What would healthcare information management and health IT workflow look like today if we focused on automated workflows first, and data second?..

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What Will FHIR Mean For Hospital Communications?

Finally, the era of modern web services has arrived to healthcare—and the next step is a doozy. If you haven’t heard much about FHIR (Fast Healthcare..

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Opposites Attract: Why Clinical Communication Systems Should Marry Smartphone and Pager Features

A number of thought-provoking articles lately have observed the (relatively) sluggish adoption rates that secure messaging solutions face in healthcare,..

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5 Secure Messaging Predictions for 2016

The popularity and proliferation of health information technology (HIT) has led to the following quandary: how do we keep all that vital, personal..

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Why Are 90% Of Hospitals Not Using Secure Messaging?

With an announcement of increased HIPAA audits on the horizon in 2016, and some already record-setting fines levelled for 2015 violations, healthcare..

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Structured Messaging: Secure, Customizable Medical Team Workflow

Structured messaging protocols have come a long way since I first encountered them as a graduate student in a human-computer interaction course. Back..

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Healthcare Communications: Then and Now

While the innovation of secure text messaging has been a welcome development in the world of clinical communications, mass adoption still remains..

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Secure Structured Messaging: The New Healthcare Workflow Platform

As part of a five-part series on task and workflow interoperability for a health IT publication, one particular area of healthcare IT caught my eye:..

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Breaking the Pager Barrier

Hennepin County Medical Center needed a change. As Minnesota's premier Level-1 trauma center, processing more than 21,000 discharges annually, as well..

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