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Mass Alerting for Healthcare Facilities

mass-notifications-for-hospitalsMass alerting ensures that hospitals have a reliable way to communicate to all users, or to specific groups of users instantly. Telmediq does not have restrictive caps on the number of messages that can be sent at once so that critical messages can be acted upon in a timely manner.

Broadcast Messaging

Broadcast messaging allows critical alerts to be sent to specific groups of users, such as a “stroke team” broadcast or “Ward 3 RNs” broadcast. Care teams can be effectively mobilized based on-call schedules, with automatic escalation to activate backups if not read within a certain amount of time. Messages can include response options and information about sent / delivered / read status and patient information in the message such as, “Duncan Harris, male, age 29, indicators 5, time to ED 10 minutes.” Telmediq offers pre-configured message replies for quick responses such as “Accepted” or “I’m on the way”.

Enterprise Alerting

Enterprise alerting provides an effective way for hospitals to instantly alert all employees inside and outside of the hospital in an emergent situation, such as a natural disaster or security issue. Send hundreds of thousands of alerts per second with redundancy over Wi-Fi and cellular networks. Auditable sent/delivered/read status for enterprise alerts are available in an easy-to-read pie chart. A broadcast message or enterprise alert can notify users both within and outside of the hospital such as EMS, police and disaster response teams. For example, “Hurricane warning in affect. Expected landfall 2 miles south of Charleston in 8 hours. Our hospitals are preparing cots, water and food now.”

When every second counts, Telmediq can help improve your clinical communication & coordination efforts. To learn more about the unique and recurring use cases of Telmediq in acute and ambulatory settings, download our Guide.


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